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Plot: Summer 1943. Tuur and Lambert are closest companions. The encompassing of their pure town has no privileged insights for the young people.

From the homestead of Lambert’s father to the marl collapses the forested areas – it’s their reality. Be that as it may, the war is shutting in and is going to change their lives until the end of time. Tuur’s father joined the resistance and even his enormous sibling is by all accounts a piece of it. Lambert’s family then again comply with the Germans. At that point, another young lady from the city shows up, become a close acquaintance with the young men, however, revealing to her mystery to just a single of them. A decision that isolates the young men and at last gets her in a bad position. Tuur dangers losing his kinship with Lambert, as well as even his entire family. He should remain absolutely determined to protect both……………..Here You can Download Hollywood Drama Movies from Hdmoviessite.



Directors: Dennis Bots
Writers: Michael Nierse
Stars: Maas Bronkhuyzen  Joes Brauers  Michael Nierse      


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