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Plot: News of Ned Stark’s execution spreads rapidly and Robb Stark pledges to get retaliation. Robb’s pennant men proclaim him to be King of the North. At Castle Black, Jon chooses to leave the fellowship and join Robb’s armed force. Inspired by Tyrion’s a word of wisdom, Tywin sends him to King’s Landing to go about as the King’s Hand while he is possessed with the war.

Daenerys discovers that she has lost the infant and understands the mistake she made in attempting to keep Drogo alive. At his memorial service, she strikingly strolls into his burial service fire and the result is an amazement to everybody except her..Here You can Download Hollywood Adventure Tv series from Hdmoviessite.



Directors: Alan Taylor
Writers: David Benioff D.B. Weiss
Stars: Sean Bean Mark Addy Nikolaj Coster -Waldau

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